Hydro Jetting

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What is Hydro Jetting Sewer lines?

Simply put, hydro jetting is a drain clearing and cleaning process that uses extremely pressurized water to remove blockages and break down any residual scum or buildup. There are several situations in which hydro jetting is the appropriate solution.

Hydro jetting is a non-invasive solution to clogs in drains and sewer lines. The equipment uses high pressure water to remove clogs and debris. The hose is flexible to move through your pipes easily and specialized nozzles are used to direct the high pressure water jets where they are needed to take care of any clog.

The water pressure forces the blockage and debris out of the pipe and into the sewer system. The end result is completely clean walls on the interior of the pipe, which has a restorative effect on your pipes. In addition to clearing blockages, hydro jetting can be used as preventative maintenance to keep your drains clear and prevent future clogs.

Challenging clogs, recurring clogs, and bigger clogs in sewer lines are frustrating and can create unsanitary conditions in homes and commercial properties. All Drain Drain & Sewer Cleaning offers innovative solutions for stubborn clogs in drains and sewer lines with hydro jetting technology. This advanced technique is capable of clearing clogs and completely cleaning out the pipe.

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When to Consider Hydro Jetting

If you have a severe clog, a clog in the sewer line, or clogs that keep recurring, hydro jetting may be the right solution to remove the blockage and keep it clear. 

As grease, debris, mineral buildup, and other debris collects in the drains, it causes slow draining and clogs. Eventually, the drain can become completely blocked or you could have an overflowing drain.

Hydro jetting may be for you if you have:

  • Build Up: Things like grease and debris can often attach to the walls of the pipes and make it harder for waste and water to pass through. Although not a blockage, these build-ups can still severely hinder the quality of the system. Hydro jetting services are the ideal solution for this type of plumbing scenario. 35,000 PPI has enough force to scrape off the residue and get things cleared for a smooth-running system.
  • Traditional Blockages: A typical question when considering hydro jetting is why it is a better solution than a drain snake? Each clog requires a specific plan of action to resolve. For most homes with a longer lifespan or occupancy, the problem may be due to excessive buildup that is preventing proper drainage - in this case, hydro jetting is an innovative process that not only releases the blockage, but will clear debris that may lead to future clogs.
  • Tree Roots: A special circumstance for hydro jetting is when tree roots are causing plumbing problems. In a lot of these scenarios, the pressure from hydro jetting will be enough to break apart the roots and move them through the pipe.

If you experience bad odors coming from the drains or slow drainage throughout the house, hydro jetting may be able to fix your problems. This advanced technology uses highly pressurized streams of water to blast through any clog and completely clear the pipe, so you won’t have to worry about recurring clogs in the same drain, as can happen with other methods.

Safe & Effective Technology

When stubborn clogs need a tougher approach or you have a clog that keeps coming back, hydro jetting can provide a lasting solution to your problem. We can perform an inspection to determine the condition of your pipes, what is causing the clog, and where exactly the pipe is clogged. Based on this information, we may recommend hydro jetting to clear it.

Hydro jetting helps to:

  • Fully clear the clog
  • Remove all debris and buildup inside the pipe
  • Clear clogs faster
  • Reduce bacteria growth
  • Eliminate clogs without toxic chemicals, which is better for the environment

Can Hydro Jetting Damage Pipes?

Hydro jetting is safe and effective for clearing clogs, as long as your plumbing pipes are in good condition.

 However, hydro jetting may not be safe for your pipes if they are:

  • Old
  • Corroded
  • Or the sewer line has been badly damaged by tree root infiltration

In these situations, hydro jetting can cause damage to your pipes. We always thoroughly inspect pipes before recommending any services to help determine if hydro jetting is the best choice to fix your problem.

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