A Homeowner’s Maintenance Checklist

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Being a homeowner is a lot of responsibility. Gone are the days of submitting maintenance requests to a landlord and coming home to a new air filter or unclogged drain. As a homeowner, any issues within the home are up to you to figure out. The best way to avoid unwanted and oftentimes unnecessary problems is to keep up with routine maintenance.

From drains to air vents, to the rain gutter, keeping an eye on every aspect of your home is crucial to keeping it working at its best. So where do you start and how often do you have to do these things? We have your back.

Exterior Maintenance

Paint, Patio, & More

At least once a year it is a good idea to thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home. Paint is more than just an aesthetic, it can protect your home from rot. If you notice peeling, a paint job may be in your future. Do you have a wood balcony or patio? Check for deterioration, large splinters, loose panels, and other dangers. Is your roof in good shape? Are the tiles in place and in good condition? All of these things serve to protect your home and should be cared for properly.

Leaves and Debris

Autumn is when the exterior of your home will likely require the most attention. Although those falling leaves are beautiful they can be harmful to your home and lawn. Your rain gutters keep the water during rain storms moving in the correct direction to avoid damage to your roof and flooding. Clogged gutters (often caused by leaves) will make your home susceptible to water damage.

Keeping autumnal debris clear from exterior vents, the condenser and any other external equipment will also help ensure that unwanted materials don’t end up damaging your home.


Sewage lines run from within the home to the outside of your home. Although underground there are important things to look out for to know if something is not working properly. Take the time a couple of times a year, or if you have reason to believe something is wrong, to look out for unexplainable puddling, very green grass patches, or odd smells.

If you notice any of these things or are experiencing problems internally within your home related to plumbing, give All Drain & Sewer Cleaning a call. We can use sewer cameras to take a closer look at what the problem is before having to start digging.

Interior Maintenance

Heating and Air

A major maintenance item is your home’s heating and cooling systems. A general rule of thumb is to have each system looked at once a year. The most timely option would be to have your heating system checked in fall in preparation for winter and your cooling system checked in spring to prepare for summer.

Remembering to make maintenance appointments with your local HVAC company can be made easier by joining a maintenance package. Most local HVAC companies will offer programs that are designed to keep your home on a routine schedule.

Pro Tip: Set a reminder in your phone every three months to exchange your air filter. This is an easy task to take on by yourself and is crucial in keeping your home’s air clean and your system functioning.


Showers. Sinks. Toilets. Oh my! Our home’s plumbing system is a major part of day-to-day life, so keeping it working at its best is a top priority. Things you can do as a homeowner:

  1. Install hair catchers in your showers. These will prevent clogs and keep unwanted soap, scum, and hair from the drain.

  2. Avoid putting anything that is not toilet paper down the drain. Even those “flushable” wipes are not meant to enter the sewage system.

  3. Keep things like vegetable peels, high starch foods, coffee grounds, and oils out of your garbage disposal.

Even with such proactive measures, you should still schedule annual drain cleanings. These services will use high-power jets to remove any clogs or residue stuck to the inner lining of your pipes.

Water heaters are another important home utility. Like most systems in the home, your water heater should also be professionally serviced once per year. Both tankless and tank water heaters require maintenance, but traditional tank water heaters need to be serviced to ensure the pressure inside the tank is at a safe level. This will avoid severe repercussions like an explosion.

Although being a homeowner comes with a long checklist of things to keep an eye on, professionals in every industry are ready to help make the process easier. For any and all plumbing questions or concerns be sure to contact All Drain & Sewer Cleaning.